Introducing.... The Foundations Program by The Irie Agency Starting Virtually May 5th

This online training program is great for newer students who may feel too intimidated or overwhelmed to join other set series or flow-based yoga classes for the first time. This 4-week course will familiarize new students with both the language of yoga and the methods used to work into various postures. Students will cultivate a deeper understanding of how to develop their individual practice.

At the end of the program, students will be able to confidently participate in any of the other yoga classes offered at the studio. Although these classes are geared towards learning the foundations of yoga, they present a physical challenge nonetheless. Students will improve both their strength and balance and increase their flexibility and range of motion in multiple planes.

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The Irie Agency was formed during the COVID pandemic to help yoga practitioners from Las Vegas that became stranded without a studio or safe environment to practice in!

Globally, our vision is to simply share an alternative approach to online yoga and fitness classes. We are not bound by dogma, restricted by tradition, or influenced by what we are told yoga and fitness should be. Instead, we are simply presenting what we like in yoga and fitness and what we do.

With a combined 20 years experience, The Irie Agency offers a range of services from private yoga instruction, yoga olympic training, program creation, and yoga teacher training (RYT 200, RYT 500, and YACEP modules). Our smooth platform ensures you get the best training possible!

 All instructors and demonstrators on our platform are trained or mentored by The Irie Agency!

Peace and love.

Mark & Anna Balfe-Taylor 


Looking for top notch at-home yoga and fitness videos?

So were we! Look no further - you can subscribe to an affordable platform that offers multiple genres of videos, uploaded weekly. 

103° Hot Pilates & Yoga

Yin Teacher Training

 W/ Mark & Anna Balfe-Taylor 

Dates, Days, & Times


Thurs 6-9 PM
Sat 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM
Sun 9-12 PM, 1-4 PM

Mark & Anna will be offering a 30 hour continuing education workshop for teachers and clients alike. As a teachers, you can maintain your RYT status at YA. As clients, you can learn specific modifications, gain a clearer insight into the practice of Yin yoga.

The 30 hour module will include the following:
Thursday night classes
Theory influenced by the teachings of Paulie Zink and Bernie Clarke.
9+ years of instructor experience transferred to you
Instruction in hands on assists
Strategies and methods for developing sequence.
Connection to a community of like-minded individuals
Situational awareness to be present with your students

103 Hot Pilates & Yoga Pricing:

$697 full price

*Early birds! 597!! 

(early bird pricing ends Dec 31st)

Interested in taking the first step to becoming a teacher? Visit 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga front desk or call the studio to reserve your spot today!

103 Hot Pilates & Yoga location:
4245 S Grand Canyon Dr
Suite 118
Las Vegas, NV 89147

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Listen to Mark's view on Yoga, Intuition, and Discipline on 'Movers Mindset'

Mark Balfe-Taylor prefers to ‘go with the flow’ rather than plan everything out… it just so happens that his ‘flow’ led to a successful career as a yoga teacher and trainer. He shares his thoughts on teaching yoga, and the journey he embarked on to get there. Mark discusses the lessons he learned through traveling, and his adjustment to fatherhood. He unpacks the idea of discipline, how it’s impacted his life, his practice, and his work to develop it.

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The Irie Agency’s very own Mark Balfe-Taylor is proud to announce he will be the USA representative for all regional competitors in 2021.

We practice weekly for the Yoga Olympics on Sunday's at 103 Yoga in Las Vegas @ 3:15 PM, following Mark's Hatha class. 

Interested in knowing more? Email us below. All competitors should submit their entry videos to [email protected].

 A team has been formed to judge on specific criteria and offer suggestion to entrants wishing to participate. All information can be found on the link below and we will be happy to attempt to answer any other questions.

Yoga Olympics Site

Want to know more about training for The Yoga Olympics 2021?

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